By Jacqueline farthing galvin

Grace for Grant.

A Journey with an Old Soul

“Mom, I think I’ve had a stroke.” Something a parent doesn’t think they’ll ever hear from their child. And when the diagnosis wheel keeps spinning, it’s anybody’s guess where it will land. Follow along on the journey of one child’s life through the humor, sadness, shock and grace that will define a family forever.


Grace for Grant: A Journey with an Old Soul is a heartbreaking yet uplifting chronicle of one family’s five-month sojourn told by Grant’s mother, Jacquie. Her deep love and refusal to give up on her only child had me cheering even through my tears. I laughed, cried, and was inspired by the days of hope, and finally the day of despair she shared with her enormous following. The grace and courage of Grant and Jacquie taught us there is hope and there is life after loss.

– Kathy

Best Selling Author

Jacqueline Farthing Galvin

Jacqueline Farthing Galvin, a.k.a Jacquie Galvin, or affectionately, Mama Galvin, is an author and blogger, and President & CEO of Live Life’s Rich Moments.

Throughout her 30-year career, she has independently published over 100 works including short stories, mystery thrillers, feature articles, and travel pieces. At the beginning of her literary journey, she was also running a freight business and working as a medical representative.

Jacquie’s most recently published creation, the award-winning Grace for Grant: A Journey with an Old Soul follows her family’s odyssey leading to the death of her 19-year-old son Grant.

Her trips on ‘The Road Less Traveled’ are accompanied by her videographer and life companion Mark Ray. Jacquie is the voice of The Road Less Traveled, documenting their excursions across the country.

Her blog features people, places, and events, and supports local businesses and happenings near and far.

Jacqueline Farthing Galvin

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